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Dust Containment Booth

Contamination Control Booth
(CCB) System

The Contamination Control Booth (CCB) System combines dust collection equipment with a custom-made booth, creating a stand-alone workspace. By placing the system at the source of air contamination, it keeps particles from spreading to other areas of the facility. The CCB is ideal for capturing airborne contaminants and fumes generated by material handling and manufacturing procedures including powder coating, grinding, welding, sanding, dry chemical processing and fiberglass repair. It removes 99.9% of airborne particulate matter (objects 0.5 microns in diameter or greater,) exceeding current OSHA and EPA permissible exposure levels for most materials.

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Efficient Dust Collection Systems With Booths that Lower Energy Costs

Filtered air is returned to the work area, maintaining booth temperature for decreased heating and cooling costs. Since air enters and exits the dust collector directly, there’s no need to install ductwork which simplifies the installation, reduces costs, and cuts down on total required floorspace. The booth can also be built with noise-absorbing interior panels to limit sounds coming from grinding and sanding, further reducing the effect the work inside the booth has on the rest of the facility.

The design of the CBB also reduces operation costs. The dust collection system has a patented area inlet and customized front baffle and filter designs that reduces air resistance. This lets the dust collector use a lower horsepower motor to maintain air velocity, cutting energy costs by as much at 50%. This same design also improves filter life.

The filtration units in the CBB are fitted with a reverse pulse filter purging system. This system automatically fires a blast of high pressure air when the digital pressure sensor detects drops in airflow. This temporarily reverses system airflow, knocking off particulate build-up on the outside of the filter, maintaining filtering efficiency and increasing filter life.

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